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Audio Precision - 30 year anniversary

For thirty years, Audio Precision has designed the finest audio analyzers in the world.

We’ve continued to innovate, with the industry’s first and most extensive multichannel audio analyzer, the only HDMI audio analyzer in the world, the only 24-bit, one megahertz FFTs, the lowest THD+N and flattest response, and the most advanced digital serial interface of any analyzer available.

As engineers ourselves, we recognize how crucial it is for your data to be credible. Using AP gear means your results will be trusted at face value.

What you do with those results is up to you, but AP will always be there to help.

Bruce Hofer

Bruce E. Hofer
Chairman, co-Founder and head analog engineer.


What others are saying

"In the A/V world, Audio Precision creates the industry standard Audio Analyzer devices that are unparalleled in performance and functionality."

Gene DellaSala | Audioholics



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