AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


APx Speaker Impedance Measurement Utility v3.3.1 (View previous versions)

This utility for APx analyzers allows you to make an impedance vs frequency sweep across a loudspeaker, and then see the graph and data results directly in ohms. Clicking Help in the utility will display the complete instructions, including a discussion of the theory behind it. It can utilize the built-in source resistor on APx analyzers to make impedance measurements.

NOTE: This utility is only compatible with APx500 Software v3.3 or earlier. For users with APx500 v3.4 or later, options APX-SW-SPK-RD and APX-SW-SPK-PT provide a range of acoustic measurements, with SPK-RD including Thiele-Small characterization. An impedance-only alternative is also available for download and is compatible with APx500 v3.4 and later – please see the APx Speaker Impedance Measurement Project. This project requires an external sense resistor and uses the constant voltage method.


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