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ATS-2 is no longer available

As of March, 2014, our inventory of ATS-2 units is exhausted.

The APx525 and APx515 are functional replacements for the ATS-2 that offer superior analog performance and digital connectivity, a more advanced UI, and better automation — all at a lower price. Please contact your local sales partner for a quote or demo.

As with all AP analyzers, the ATS-2 will remain fully supported by Tech Support and Service for a minimum of five years after discontinuation.


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API Development Tools

ATS LabVIEW Examples v1.60

LabVIEW VI examples for controlling System Two and System One instruments using APWin control software and ActiveX automation. For usage instructions, see Technote 101.

For controlling type "A" instruments, or type "G" instruments via the APIB bus. Requires LabVIEW 6.0 or higher.



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Configuration Files

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ATS-2 Datasheet v1.6.1

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High Speed Test in Production & Broadcast v3.1

High Speed Tester (HST) is a fast, accurate and easy-to-operate audio test application that is ideal for high speed production test or testing transmission quality across a broadcast network.



AP2700 and ATS Windows APIB Drivers

Audio Precision's proprietary APIB interface bus requires the installation of the proper Windows driver software on your PC.


AP2700 and ATS Windows USB Drivers

Drivers for running AP2700 and ATS software in Windows 7 and 8 using the AP USB-APIB Adapter. Includes instructions. See the KB article AP Software Windows Version Compatibility for more information.


ATS Control Software v1.60 SP1 (View previous versions)

For ATS-2 analyzer. Version 1.60 SP1 (Service Pack 1) adds support for 64-bit Windows 7 using the APIB-USB adapter.


ATS-2 Add-ins v1.60

Add-Ins are additional software features that can be seamlessly integrated into the ATS-2 user interface. AP uses the standard Windows "Add/Remove Programs" exclusively to manage Add-Ins. Add-In Descriptions User Preferences -- Provides a user interface where you can set user preferences, define multiple preference groups and control how the preferences are applied to tests. Document Test Settings -- Creates an ASCII text file that documents selected panel settings for the current test configuration. Delete Traces -- Provides the capability to delete selected traces from the Graph / Data Editor. Sweeps that have any traces removed from view in the Graph are deleted.


ATS-2 What's New v1.6


Technotes and AP Applied

Technote 102: Using Audio Precision High Speed Tester (HST) v2.01

The AP High Speed Tester (HST) application was originally developed to test playback only devices on the production line. The objective was a fast, accurate and easy-to-operate test station with a limited graphical user interface that just indicated the test results and had the ability to save results to a log file.

In addition testing play-back devices, HST 2.0 can use the instrument's generator to drive the input of the device under test. Both input and output can be set to digital or analog, and limits, user prompts and sample rate can be defined easily via a new setup utility.

This flexibility allows HST 2.0 to test almost any type of audio device - amplifiers, DACs, ADCs, signal processors, MP3 / DVD players etc. - quickly and easily.

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Technote 104: Introduction to the Six Basic Audio Measurements v2

Technote 104 discusses methods of making a set of basic measurements using an Audio Precision 2700 Series or ATS-2 audio analyzer.These are Level Frequency Response THD+N Phase Crosstalk Signal-to-Noise Ratio

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Technote 106: Measuring PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio) v0

In this technote we describe and compare two different methods to measure PSRR. Then we give instructions for using the APx PSRR Measurement Utility, which simplifies the calculations and graphing on APx analyzers.

This technote is included in the APx PSRR Measurement Utility download.


Technote 108: PC Audio Testing v0

This Technote discusses the techniques necessary to perform the “Basic Six” audio measurements on consumer-level PC audio devices. This category includes sound systems integrated into notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and PC motherboards, as well as expansion cards and some external devices. It doesn’t include USB-connected headsets, nor pro-audio devices with balanced input and output connections.

Includes APx project and .wav test signal files for playback


Technote 110: Legacy Instrument Migration to APx v0

Addresses conversion of tests and procedures/macros written using AP’s Windows based APWin, AP2700, or ATS software to APx500. If you are using AP’s DOS based S1.EXE software for System One, please refer to Technote 109 instead.


Technote 28: Measurement Microphone dBSPL Calibration

This Technote describes how to set up and use the dBr unit as dBSPL. Automated AP Basic macros (procedures) are available to facilitate the calibration. These macros apply to the instrument analog analyzers. Additionally, two computational methods are described to help you understand the macros, and to help you calibrate a measurement microphone without the macros.


Test Signals and Waveforms

ATS-2 1 kHz Test Signal with DC Offset v1

This signal accompanies the kb article "Generating Signals with a DC Component on the ATS-2." It contains a 1 kHz tone with a DC offset, for use with the arbitrary waveform generator feature.


ATS-2 Samples and Waveforms

Sample Test and Waveform files for ATS-2


User Manuals and Specifications

AP Basic Extensions Manual for the ATS-2 v1.60 (View previous versions)

AP Basic Extensions Reference for ATS-2


AP Basic Language Manual v4 (View previous versions)

AP Basic Language Manual (previous versions titled: APWIN Basic User's Guide and Language Reference)


AP2700 and ATS Keyboard Shortcuts


ATS-2 Full Specifications

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ATS-2 Getting Started Manual v1.60 (View previous versions)

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ATS-2 User Manual v1.60 (View previous versions)

Version 1.60


USB-APIB Kit Installation and User Guide v1

USB-APIB Kit Installation and User Guide


Utilities, Projects, Plug-ins & Macros

AP Basic Database Connectivity Sample Files v1.0


AP Basic Scripting Sample Files v1

These files accompany the "AP Basic Scripting" training video found at http://ap.com/support/training


AP2700 & ATS-2 Resources Disc v102

The Audio Precision Resources Disc contains Sample Tests, the Performance Check and documentation to help you operate your AP2700 or ATS control software compatible audio analyzer. AP2700 or ATS control software is required. The installer includes both AP2700 and ATS-2 resources. You will be prompted to choose which components you wish to install.


AP2700 Glitch Detection Test

AP2700 test file to accompany the knowledge base article on Glitch Detection.


AP2700 and ATS Get all FFT Bins Macro v1

Illustrates setting up the sweep panel to return all FFT bins. For 2700 Series and ATS-2. The macro includes a function that gets the Sample Rate and FFT length, and in addition to setting up the sweep panel, it retrieves the FFT level spectrum in units of Volts.


AP2700 and ATS Graph Trace Setting Macro v1

Lets you set the graph trace properties quickly (line color, thickness, pattern, comments), even if you aren’t otherwise using macros or automation, by adding this macro to your Quick Launch toolbar.

Zip file includes macros for AP2700 and ATS, and Quick Launch installation instructions.


AP2700 and ATS Split Stereo Waveform Macros v0

The ATS-2 and 2700 Series GPIB implementation requires that waveforms loaded into the analog and digital Arbitrary waveform buffers be mono files. Many of the sample waveforms provided for the two instruments are Stereo. This download contains two macros, one for each instrument, that can be used to split the stereo waveform into mono files.


APWIN Basic to ATS Basic Translator v1


ATS-2 Loudspeaker Impedance tests v1

ATS-2 Loudspeaker Impedance files associated with KB article 105


ATS-2 Performance Check v1.63

ATS-2 Performance Check macro and test files for all ATS-2 instruments. Running the Performance Check verifies proper instrument operation, and provides diagnostic data for Technical Support evaluation before sending an instrument in for service. Perf Check v1.63 is for use with the ATS v1.60 control software.


ATS-2 Samples Only

Sample Test files for ATS-2


Matlab Toolbox v5.1

Set of MATLAB functions for audio applications such as reading and writing waveforms and filters for 2700, ATS-2, and APx


Whitepapers, Articles, and Books

Limitations in making audio bandwidth measurements in the presence of out of band noise

Audio analyzers are optimized to make high quality measurements up through their maximum specified bandwidths. The presence of significant energy above these bandwidths can have a profound effect on the audio measurements and possibly induce errors. This white paper provides valuable information on avoiding the possibility of errors when testing digital to analog converters and other audio devices that contain significant energy above the audio band. Written by Bruce Hofer


Measuring Switch-mode Power Amplifiers

Switch-mode audio power amplifiers are becoming increasingly popular due to their smaller size, lower weight, and improved efficiency. Their advantages are obvious in low power battery operated personal audio players and laptop computers. However they are also progressively displacing more traditional linear designs in mainstream applications such as home entertainment systems, automotive sound systems, and professional installations where high quality audio is important. Measuring the performance of switch-mode amplifiers presents some new and unique challenges. They inherently generate ultra-sonic artifacts and spurious signals with slew rates that can provoke non-linear behavior within the input stages of high quality audio test and measurement equipment. Absolutely worthless and inaccurate results can result unless effective measures are taken to prevent this non-linear behavior. Written by Bruce Hofer.

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The Audio Measurement Handbook v1

This reference handbook is a practical, hands-on guide for workers in all phases of the audio field. It covers basic tools and techniques, common environments for audio testing, application of these techniques to common audio devices, the typical ranges of performance to expect in different devices, and a glossary of terms and key specifications used in audio measurement. 178 pages Written by Bob Metzler.

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