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2700 Series Datasheet (View previous versions)

The 2700 Series is designed for audio engineers who need the highest performance, lowest distortion and greatest flexibility possible in their audio analyzer.


2722A-M Datasheet

The 2722A-M is a special package that includes the 2722A analyzer along with all the filters and cables required by the Microsoft Driver Test Manager for the Windows Vista Logo Program Audio Fidelity tests. For other uses, please refer to the regular 2700 Series datasheet.


APx Bluetooth Option Datasheet v1.3

The APx Bluetooth® option is the best solution in the world for testing audio over Bluetooth wireless technology. No other analyzer combines integrated Bluetooth controls with APx’s best in class speed, ease-of-use, and performance.


APx Digital Serial I/O Datasheet v2

Audio Precision’s new Digital Serial I/O for APx audio analyzers provides multichannel, chip-level connectivity for designers of HDMI receiver/ transmitter chips, converters and other micro-components. Innovations include 8 channels of simultaneous audio data, independent clocks, buffered oscilloscope monitors, and built-in support for left or right justified, I2S and DSP formats. 


APx PDM Datasheet v3

Datasheet for the APx Series PDM module option, compatible with the APx555, APx52x Series and APx58x Series audio analyzers.

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APx500 Series Audio Analyzers - Comparison Sheet v4

A two-page overview of the APx500 Series audio analyzers, including summary specification comparison tables.


APx500 Software Options Datasheet v3

Two page datasheet describing the APx500 software, including standard features and measurements along with additional software options.


APx515 Datasheet v4.2

The APx515 is a high performance audio analyzer optimized for production test. It is a best-in-class instrument for its speed, performance, automation, and ease-of-use.


APx52x Series Datasheet v4.2 (View previous versions)

The APx52x Series an award-winning user interface with AP’s legendary commitment to performance. APx is high speed, high performance, and user friendly.

Datasheet for models APx525 and APx526.


APx555 & 2700 Series Audio Analyzers Comparison v2 (View previous versions)

A brief, two-page comparison of the APx555 and 2700 Series Audio Analyzers.

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APx555 Datasheet v4.2 (View previous versions)

APx555 Datasheet - High-Performance, 2-Channel Audio Analyzer


APx58x Series Datasheet v4.2 (View previous versions)

Datasheet for the APx585 and APx586 multichannel audio analyzers.


ATS-2 Datasheet v1.6.1

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AUX-0025 Datasheet v1

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AUX-0100 Datasheet v2

Full specifications for the AUX-0100 or APx581 Switching Amplifier Filter. The APx581 was renamed AUX-0100. Except for the name, the units are identical.


Electro-Acoustic Options Datasheet v1.0

A single sheet description of APx Electro-Acoustic software options, including Thiele-Small characterization, Rub & Buzz detection and Loudspeaker Production Test.


High Speed Test in Production & Broadcast v3.1

High Speed Tester (HST) is a fast, accurate and easy-to-operate audio test application that is ideal for high speed production test or testing transmission quality across a broadcast network.


Perceptual Audio Test Datasheet v2.0

Datasheet for APx PESQ and POLQA software options

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Portable One Datasheet v1

P1 / Portable One datasheet

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SWR-2755 Datasheet v1


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