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Whitepapers, Articles, and Books (6)

Whitepapers, Articles, and Books

APx PDM Option Technical Details v2 (View previous versions)

Document describes in detail the features and operation of the APx PDM module. The module is an available option for the APx555, APx52x Series and APx58x Series Audio Analyzers.


Appnote 5: Measurement Techniques for Digital Audio (Julian Dunn) v2

This book by the late Julian Dunn examines in great detail techniques for evaluating the performance of converters and digital interfaces.

Includes a full set of AP2700 macros and tests that accompany the text.


How to Write (and Read) Audio Specifications

Discusses writing and reading good audio specifications. Guidelines are provided, then key specifications for two classes of audio device are examined for correct expression and form, with examples of real-world specs for comparison.


Limitations in making audio bandwidth measurements in the presence of out of band noise

Audio analyzers are optimized to make high quality measurements up through their maximum specified bandwidths. The presence of significant energy above these bandwidths can have a profound effect on the audio measurements and possibly induce errors. This white paper provides valuable information on avoiding the possibility of errors when testing digital to analog converters and other audio devices that contain significant energy above the audio band. Written by Bruce Hofer


Measuring Switch-mode Power Amplifiers

Switch-mode audio power amplifiers are becoming increasingly popular due to their smaller size, lower weight, and improved efficiency. Their advantages are obvious in low power battery operated personal audio players and laptop computers. However they are also progressively displacing more traditional linear designs in mainstream applications such as home entertainment systems, automotive sound systems, and professional installations where high quality audio is important. Measuring the performance of switch-mode amplifiers presents some new and unique challenges. They inherently generate ultra-sonic artifacts and spurious signals with slew rates that can provoke non-linear behavior within the input stages of high quality audio test and measurement equipment. Absolutely worthless and inaccurate results can result unless effective measures are taken to prevent this non-linear behavior. Written by Bruce Hofer.

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The Audio Measurement Handbook v1

This reference handbook is a practical, hands-on guide for workers in all phases of the audio field. It covers basic tools and techniques, common environments for audio testing, application of these techniques to common audio devices, the typical ranges of performance to expect in different devices, and a glossary of terms and key specifications used in audio measurement. 178 pages Written by Bob Metzler.

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