AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


Continuous Sweep vs. Stepped Frequency Sweep for Converter Measurements Re-purposed clocks and digital audio measurements in APx Leveled Acoustic Output APx Waveform Computes Utility Deriving Fractional Octave Spectra from the FFT with APx APx Polar Plot Utility Instructions Testing MADI with APx500 and ASIO Creating Burst Waveforms in APx Aligning Analog Tape Decks with APx Continuously Repeating APx Measurements Equalizing APx Generator .wav Files for PESQ Phase Accuracy Specification Note for APX-BT-WB Module PESQ Perceptual Audio Testing with APx Multichannel Amplifier Power Output Measurement MLS vs Continuous Sweep for acoustic measurements CMRR vs. Frequency Sweeps Click and Pop Measurement Designing Switching Power Supplies with APx Measuring PSRR with AP2700 Measuring DC Level with the Generator On in APx500 Multitone Analysis with APx500 Open Loop Crosstalk vs. Frequency Measuring CMRR Measurement Recorder Wave File Compatibility with MATLAB IMD Measurement with 19 kHz and 20 kHz Tones Scale Factors for Wave Files Recorded with Measurement Recorder from Analog Inputs Measuring Loudspeaker Impedance Using APx Derived Measurement Results Measuring Internal Sample Rate Error with AP2700 Level vs. Amplitude in AP2700/APWin/ATS Measuring Non-flat Devices With Equalized Multitones Measuring Power Amplifiers with Reactive Loads Cross-domain (Analog/Digital) Group Delay and Phase Measurement Noise Using an APx Analyzer with a Notebook Computer Optical Digital Output Signal Quality Check FFT Scaling for Noise Setting Up and Making Acoustic Response Measurements with APx Generating Low Frequency Triangle Waves with SYS-2722 Measuring Amplifier Damping Factor with APx500 Measuring Levels in dBμV Setting Up 1/3 or 1/6 Octave Sweeps in AP2700 DIM 30 and DIM 100 Measurements per IEC 60268-3 with AP2700 Generating Signals with DC on ATS-2 Analyzers Making External Sweeps with Noisy Signals on the 2700 Series and ATS-2 I2S jitter measurement with the SYS-2722 External Sweeps with APx Distorted Receiver Speaker Outputs with APx585 Crest Factor Measurement with AP2700 Incomplete Loudspeaker Stepped Frequency Sweep Measurements Making loudspeaker impedance measurements using the ATS-2 THD & IMD Measurements of Power Amplifiers with Short Duration Signals Testing RDS with APx Measuring Dynamic Range in APx500 Jitter in Broadcast Changing Sweep Step Time Dither Measuring Jitter in AP2700 Using Regulation to Automate Measurements and Increase Test Speed Measuring ADSR Printing from Portable One and ATS-1 IMD vs. THD+N Measuring Complex Impedance with AP2700 Series Instruments Signal-to-noise Ratio (SNR), Dynamic Range, and Noise Graph Formatting in AP2700 and ATS Power Supply Rail Health Check Using Multitones in Audio Test Glitch Detection IMD