AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


AP Software Windows Version Compatibility AP Cable Quality APx iButtons for legacy software Phase Accuracy Specification Note for APX-BT-WB Module Hooking up switchers to APx analyzers Maximum Rated Analog Input Voltages APx AES17 Filters External Accessory Jack Typical Power Consumption Switcher Relay Life Expectancy Kapersky Anti-Virus Causes APGen.sys Freeze Using the AUX-0025 Filter with the APx585 Analyzer Applying 48 Volt Phantom Power to Analyzer Inputs Running Self Test on the ATS-1 and Portable One Reinitializing ATS-1 and Portable One AP Basic RS-232 Failure Driving Relays with the APx Aux Control Out Import .wav File Import Truncation and Frequency Correction Errors APx Text Display in International Versions of Windows Portable One Family Calibration Self Test (Performance Check) vs. Calibration AUX-0025 Input Impedance Error Loading Non-192k Generator Waveforms in APx500 Import .wav File Message: "Error in RIFF file header." Import - Export .wav File and Multitone Creation Utility Error: "The Reference Could Not Be Added" Notebook Computer Can't Hibernate System One DOS Procedure Translation to APWIN Translating System One DOS Files to APWIN, AP2700, or ATS APIB Driver Reinstallation Incident code 11146 error (Sys2 Family, ATS-2) Error message: "The connection to the instrument was lost." Error 9004: "Unable to establish USB/APSI connection" Error message: "AP2700 cannot control System One" Error message: 'Failed to Settings Folder -- Unpredictable behavior expected' APx585/586 Input Impedance Interrogating Installed Hardware in the 2700 and on the APIB Bus Error 1172 Using APx LabVIEW Driver APx585/586 600 Ohm Output Impedance MLS Quick Launch macro fails in AP2700 v3.30 How to detect ATS-2 hardware options using AP Basic The Stream is HDCP Encrypted, Cannot Write File Selecting appropriate AES-17 pre-analyzer filters for the 2700 Series analyzers Channel ID test on APx585 Recommended Cables for Unbalanced Audio Testing Running AP Control Software from an iPhone or Android Running AP2700, ATS, and APx on a Mac Benefits of Warming Up Unbalanced Ground and Unbalanced Floating Configuration System One Conditional Support Policy