AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


Audio.TST April 2015: Dante, Dolby MS11, v4.1.1 Software Audio.TST October 2014: APx500 v4.0 Software Available Audio.TST June 2014: testing Smartphones, clicks and pops Audio.TST April 2014: Time selective measurement techniques, sound pressure levels Audio.TST March 2014: FFTs in APx, CSD plots, ProLight+Sound 2014 Audio.TST February 2014: Designing for ultra-low THD+N Audio.TST January 2014: Bluetooth A2DP, Leveled Acoustic Response Audio.TST December 2013: the 2013 collection Audio.TST November 2013: APx Smartphone App, Electro-Acoustic Master Classes Audio.TST October 2013: Polar Plots, AES and EUHA Audio.TST September 2013: Electro-Acoustic Test, APx500 v3.4 Audio.TST August 2013: Dolby and APx, DSIO Reference Clock Audio.TST July 2013: Perceptual Audio Test in APx, AP Cable Quality Audio.TST June 2013: Dolby Tests, Measuring MADI via ASIO Audio.TST May 2013: Waveform Computes, DSIO vs. PSIA Audio.TST April 2013: APx500 v3.3, Deriving Fractional Octave Spectra from FFT Audio.TST March 2013: Acoustic Measurements, retrieving DUT serial numbers in APx Audio.TST February 2013: Bode plots in APx, Burst Waveform Utility Audio.TST January 2013: Aligning Analog Tape Decks with APx, PDM Line Driver Audio.TST December 2012: EQing WAV files for PESQ; APx500 v3.2 Audio.TST November 2012: Electronica, APx500 v3.2 Audio.TST October 2012: AES, EUHA, APx500 v3.1 Audio.TST September 2012: APx582, ASIO Audio.TST August 2012: Microphone IMD tests, Matlab and APx Audio.TST July 2012: Splice Utility, Reusing Clocks Audio.TST June 2012: THD Sweep with Individual Harmonics, APx Automation with external programs Audio.TST May 2012:AES Brazil, Ups and Downs of Square Waves Audio.TST April 2012: What's New in APx500 v3.0 Audio.TST March 2012: Testing PDM, G.R.A.S. Measurement Mics Audio.TST February 2012: PESQ Perceptual Audio, Collecting Production Line Data Audio.TST January 2012: PDM, What's New in APx500 v2.9 Audio.TST December 2011: Happy Holidays, Appended Sweep Colors in APx Audio.TST November 2011: Electronaut and the APx, DC Offset with APx Audio.TST October 2011: Report from AES NYC, APx500 Family Adds HDMI Audio.TST September 2011: Measuring Jitter with APx, Controlling APx with Python Audio.TST August 2011: Measuring Microphone Preamplifier Noise, MLS vs. Chirp Audio.TST July 2011: Taking Analog Filters into the Digital Domain, Click and Pop Measurement with APx Audio.TST June 2011: APx Bluetooth, HDMI ARC Audio.TST May 2011: APx Bluetooth Option, AP2700 64-bit Driver Audio.TST April 2011: Designing Switching Power Supplies with APx, Measuring High Impedance Sources Audio.TST March 2011: Measuring Phantom Power with APx, Measuring PSRR with AP2700 Audio.TST February 2011: Measuring Sound Pressure Level with APx, Settled Readings with the APx API Audio.TST January 2011: Windows Logo Audio Fidelity Testing, Measuring Loudspeaker Impedance Audio.TST December 2010: What's New in APx500 v2.7, Interview with Tom Kite on Multitone Analysis Audio.TST November 2010: Live from the Electronica Tradeshow Floor Audio.TST October 2010: Testing USB Headsets, Measuring Internal Sample Rate Error Audio.TST September 2010: Migration from System One to APx Audio.TST August 2010: Testing PC Audio, Graph Colors in AP2700 and ATS Audio.TST July 2010: Derived Results for APx, BS EN 50332 Testing Audio.TST June 2010: Aux Digital I/O Control, Remote Control of Consumer Devices in APx500 Audio.TST May 2010: APx515 Release, Measuring Output Impedance with APx500 Audio.TST April 2010: How to Write (and Read) Audio Specifications, Measuring Non-flat Devices With Equalized Multitones Audio.TST March 2010: Measuring Power Amplifiers with Reactive Loads, Using Barcodes to Select Test Routines Audio.TST February 2010: File Playback Analysis, Cross-domain Group Delay and Phase Measurement Audio.TST January 2010: Customized APx Reports, Saving Signal Acquisitions as .wav Files with AP2700 Audio.TST December 2009: APx API Wrapper for Vee and MATLAB, Measuring PSRR with APx Audio.TST November 2009: High Quality Square Waves, Measuring Speaker Impedance with APx Audio.TST October 2009: Ultra-high Bandwidth Analysis, FFT Scaling for Noise Audio.TST September 2009: Measurement Microphone Selection, Measuring Amplifier Damping Factor with APx500 Audio.TST August 2009: APx Automation, 2700 and ATS-2 ActiveX Automation Commands Audio.TST July 2009: Acoustic Response Measurement Audio.TST June 2009: Survey, Test System Grounding Audio.TST May 2009 AES Munich, APx Metadata Recorder, DIM 30/100 Audio.TST April 2009 APx DSIO Configuration Files, External Sweeps with Noisy Signals on the 2700 Series and ATS-2 Audio.TST March 2009: APx File Playback, APx External Sweeps Audio.TST February 2009: APx500 Automation with LabVIEW, APx585/586 600 Ohm Output Impedance Audio.TST January 2009: APx Supports HDMI EDID, Selecting AES17 Filters Audio.TST December 2008: Bit accuracy & Jingle bells for AP Audio.TST November 2008: Chip-level connectivity with DSIO Audio.TST October 2008: New website & polar plots on 2700 Audio.TST September 2008 Introducing the APx526 4 Channel analzyer Audio.TST August 2008 Testing RDS and AP on a Mac Audio.TST July 2008 Multitone theory & Using your AP to do a Power Supply Rail Health Check Audio.TST June 2008 Matlab and when to go off automatic Audio.TST May 2008 Live from AES Europe, the APx525 Audio.TST April 2008 Live from NAB, APx with HDMI Audio.TST March 2008 Complex impedance & Factory Adjustment Audio.TST February 2008 P1 calibration & Best Practices for APx coding Audio.TST January 2008 HST 2.0 and P1 Printing Audio.TST December 2007: Some sad news Audio.TST November 2007 APx 2.1 beta and glitch detection tutorial Audio.TST October 2007 New technote and a LabVIEW tutorial Audio.TST September 2007 Automation in the 2700 Series Audio.TST August 2007 USB Adapter & Upgrade Options for AP analyzers Audio.TST July 2007: New AP Sample Tests & Measuring JItter Audio.TST June 2007 USB connectivity and native Windows Vista support for 2700 & ATS Audio.TST May 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts & Dither Audio.TST April 2007 NAB review and Jitter in Broadcast Audio.TST March 2007 16 Channel APx586 and new LabVIEW driver Audio.TST Feburary 2007 Add-Ins for ATS-2 & more Audio.TST January 2007: ISO17025 calibration & a survey