AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


Importance of the Input Range Increasing Test Speed Measuring Dynamic Range in APx500 Measuring Very Low Frequency Signals with APx500 APx500's Flexible File Playback Function Measuring SNR, Dynamic Range and Distortion VS Level for a Blu-Ray Disc Player Testing RDS with APx Channel ID test on APx585 The Stream is HDCP Encrypted, Cannot Write File APx585/586 600 Ohm Output Impedance External Sweeps with APx Error 1172 Using APx LabVIEW Driver APx585/586 Input Impedance Running an External Program from APx500 Error message: "The connection to the instrument was lost." Distorted Receiver Speaker Outputs with APx585 Measuring Amplifier Damping Factor with APx500 APx Upgrades - Descriptions and Compatibility Matrix Setting Up and Making Acoustic Response Measurements with APx Equalized Sweeps for APx500 Using APx with VEE and MATLAB (API Wrapper) Error Loading Non-192k Generator Waveforms in APx500 AP Software Windows Version Compatibility Noise Using an APx Analyzer with a Notebook Computer AUDIO PRECISION APX: MORE AUDIO IN, MS WORD REPORTS OUT APx Text Display in International Versions of Windows Cross-domain (Analog/Digital) Group Delay and Phase Measurement Measuring Power Amplifiers with Reactive Loads Using Barcodes to Select Test Routines Measuring Non-flat Devices With Equalized Multitones Remote Control of Consumer Devices in APx500 Driving Relays with the APx Aux Control Out Measuring Loudspeaker Impedance Using APx Derived Measurement Results Using the AUX-0025 Filter with the APx585 Analyzer Using APx Project Templates Configuring VB.NET and C# Applications After Upgrading APx500 Kapersky Anti-Virus Causes APGen.sys Freeze Converting XML Tags in APx500 v2.5 Custom Reports to Content Controls Scale Factors for Wave Files Recorded with Measurement Recorder from Analog Inputs Locking APx Project Files APx AES17 Filters Measurement Recorder Wave File Compatibility with MATLAB Using Aux Control In to Continuously Loop an APx Sequence Running AP2700, ATS, and APx on a Mac Running AP Control Software from an iPhone or Android APx API Programming Best Practices Power Supply Rail Health Check Multitone Analysis with APx500 How to Get Settled Readings with the APx API Measuring DC Level with the Generator On in APx500 AUDIO PRECISION BRINGS CLARITY TO BLUETOOTH AUDIO TEST Click and Pop Measurement CMRR vs. Frequency Sweeps Controlling APx500 with Python AP GETS SMART IN STEREO: HDMI AVAILABLE ON 2-CHANNEL ANALYZERS Differential and Common Mode DC Offset with APx Error accessing the APx API with APx500 v2.8 Hooking up switchers to APx analyzers Saving Graph Data With an APx Project AUDIO PRECISION ANSWERS THE CALL FOR MEMS MIC TESTING WITH INTEGRATED PDM I/O Collecting Production Line Data with the Data Output Node AUDIO PRECISION MAKES THE MOS OF PESQ TESTING Multichannel Amplifier Power Output Measurement PESQ Perceptual Audio Testing with APx Directly Accessing APx .NET Methods and Properties with LabVIEW Phase Accuracy Specification Note for APX-BT-WB Module Equalizing APx Generator .wav Files for PESQ Continuously Repeating APx Measurements Aligning Analog Tape Decks with APx Creating Burst Waveforms in APx LabVIEW Configuration Files for the APx API Testing MADI with APx500 and ASIO AP Cable Quality APx PDM Line Driver Comparing 2700 with PSIA to APx with Digital Serial Option APx Waveform Computes Utility Leveled Acoustic Output Re-purposed clocks and digital audio measurements in APx Using the APx Polar Plot utility with a manually operated turntable MLS vs Continuous Sweep for acoustic measurements AUDIO PRECISION RELEASES APx500 v4.0 SOFTWARE AUDIO PRECISION INCREASES MULTICHANNEL INPUT BANDWIDTH DSD Support in the APx PDM Option Audio.TST February 2015: Perceptual Audio, v4.1 Software, Bluetooth, DSD FFT Scaling for Noise AUDIO PRECISION DELIVERS DOLBY®MS11 TEST SOLUTION AUDIO PRECISION SUPPORTS NEW LOUDSPEAKER TEST STANDARD AUDIO PRECISION TESTS AUDIO PERFORMANCE OF DANTE™-ENABLED DEVICES Audio.TST April 2015: Dante, Dolby MS11, v4.1.1 Software ADMESS secures key automotive industry win Continuous Sweep vs. Stepped Frequency Sweep for Converter Measurements Audio Precision Enhances Electro-Acoustic and PDM Testing Audio Precision Adds STI Measurement Capability to APx500 Software Quick Tip 101 - Zooming Quick Tip 102 - Panning Quick Tip 103 - Interpolation Quick Tip 104 - Exporting Quick Tip 105 - Docking & Undocking Quick Tip 113 - Bench Mode Overview Quick Tip 114 - Sequence Mode Overview Quick Tip 115 - Monitors / Meters Overview Quick Tip 106 - Signal Path Set-up Quick Tip 112 - Measurement Recorder Quick Tip 120 - Sequence Steps Quick Tip 119 - Channel ID using Verify Connections Quick Tip 116 - Automatically Set Generator Level Quick Tip 117 - Verify Connections Quick Tip 107 - Frequency & Output References Quick Tip 123 - Really Fast Testing Quick Tip 108 - SPS Switchers Quick Tip 125 - The Audible Monitor Quick Tip 124 - The Status Bar Quick Tip 118 - Triggers Quick Tip 111 - Clocks Jitter Quick Tip 110 - Clocks Sync & Reference Quick Tip 109 - The DCX-127 Quick Tip 121 - When to Use Sequence Mode Quick Tip 122 - When to Use Bench Mode