AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


Importance of the Input Range Glitch Detection Graph Formatting in AP2700 and ATS Using Regulation to Automate Measurements and Increase Test Speed Changing Sweep Step Time AP Basic Simple Database Connectivity Making loudspeaker impedance measurements using the ATS-2 Importing data into MATLAB How to detect ATS-2 hardware options using AP Basic Making External Sweeps with Noisy Signals on the 2700 Series and ATS-2 Generating Signals with DC on ATS-2 Analyzers Error message: 'Failed to Settings Folder -- Unpredictable behavior expected' Retrieving FFT Data in AP2700 and ATS-2 Control Software Incident code 11146 error (Sys2 Family, ATS-2) AP2700 and ATS-2 ActiveX Automation Commands for Programming with LabVIEW or Other Languages APIB Driver Reinstallation Translating System One DOS Files to APWIN, AP2700, or ATS System One DOS Procedure Translation to APWIN Notebook Computer Can't Hibernate Import .wav File Message: "Error in RIFF file header." AP Software Windows Version Compatibility AP Basic RS-232 Failure Splitting Stereo Waveforms for 2700 Series and ATS-2 GPIB Instruments Graph Trace Colors in AP2700 and ATS Level vs. Amplitude in AP2700/APWin/ATS AP2700 and ATS OLE Automation in Windows 7 Using AP Basic to Control GPIB Devices Customizing Default Test Configurations Selecting Traces in Exported Graphics Measuring CMRR Compiling AP Basic Macros Saving Raw Acquisition Data Updating Prompt Text Without Flashing Keeping Readings Active During a Sweep Open Loop Crosstalk vs. Frequency Using Multitones in Audio Test Running AP2700, ATS, and APx on a Mac Running AP Control Software from an iPhone or Android Power Supply Rail Health Check Aligning Analog Tape Decks with APx FFT Scaling for Noise