AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


Technical performance measurements augment editorial comment and can be very helpful to readers. Several publications around the world rely on AP audio analyzers to provide objective measurements of the audio devices they review.


CNET shows you the exciting possibilities of how technology can enhance and enrich your life. We provide you with information, tools, and advice that help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your tech.

Read about CNET’s audio test suite, featuring an ATS-2, recently upgraded to an APx525.

PC World

With over 25 years of brand awareness and credibility, PC World consistently delivers editorial excellence through award-winning content and trusted product reviews.  Focusing on the PC, Apple and Mac markets, our highly respected brands bring together technology inspired consumers, readers, users, writers, newsmakers, journalists, reviewers, marketers and advertisers who all share a “consuming interest in technology.” 

Watch the video of the PC World test lab as they test digital audio players with an ATS-2.


"With its extremely low-distortion analog and digital signal generators, its extraordinarily low noise, high-resolution A/D converters, its ability to directly examine digital datastreams, its ability to perform extensive analysis in both analog and digital domains, and its intuitive software interface, the SYS2722 is more than equal to the task of accurately assessing the behavior of 21st-century audio components."

– John Atkinson, Editor, Stereophile magazine and www.stereophile.com

Read about Stereophile's use of an Audio Precision 2700 Series.


Distributed in 94 countries, Mix is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology.

Read a review of the Upstate Audio SL20/20-2 Sonic Lens using an Audio Precision APx525


Home Cinema Choice is the UK's best-selling home cinema enthusiasts' magazine. With reviews of the latest home cinema equipment, from flatscreen TVs and Blu-ray players to surround sound systems, PVRs,amplifiers, projectors and more, it's a must-read for AV fanatics!


Stressing objective measurements and a concern for our readers' pocketbooks, Audioholics has proven itself to be a place for unbiased research, reviews and information. With over 1 million unique monthly readers we must be doing something right!

Read Audioholic’s review of an APx585 audio analyzer or see the APx585 in action reviewing an amplifer.


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