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AP 2722

AP2700.exe is the control software for 2700 Series instruments. Running on the controlling PC, AP2700 is a powerful and sophisticated real-time interface, with hardware and software system modules and functions controlled using settings on virtual panels, and measurement results displayed in virtual meter and graph readings.

AP2700 is extremely flexible and configurable, addressing a wide range of uses from benchtop R&D or maintenance engineering to automated production testing. Both settings and readings can be swept and plotted on X-Y graphs, modified by various algorithms, compared against limits or analyzed by DSP methods. Virtually any combination of generator and analyzer can be set up.

Test setups, measurement data, automation scripts, graphs and other test components are saved on the PC. These files can be emailed or exchanged between co-workers at any location to duplicate test setups, review test results or publish reports. Graphs and numerical data can be pasted into spreadsheets, word processors or graphics editors, and can be exported in a number of different formats.

AP2700 supports Microsoft Windows®. More detailed information is available on our AP Software and Windows Compatibility chart

AP2700 Panels: Precise control of your instrument at all times

The key to AP2700's flexibility is the extraordinary range of control available through the panels. This paradigm has been widely copied in the industry, and while extremely flexible, there is a certain cost in complexity and learning curve compared to the next-generation APx interface.

Panels configurations can be saved, organized into different pages (to reduce clutter), minimized or closed when not in use.

2700 Generators

Fig 1: The four panels controlling the analog and digital generators and analyzers.


2700 DIO

Fig 2: The digital I/O panel

2700 Sweep

Fig 3: The sweep panel and resulting graph.

2700 Settling

Fig 4. Fine turning the settling parameters for each module.

Fig 5: A typical page with multiple panels open and a graph showing measurements.



What others are saying

“For the past two years we have been using 2722s. We have seen dramatically improved test times, downtime and test quality due to the resultant reliability, repeatability, speed and accuracy of these units.”
-- Ganesh Sivakumaran, Test Development Engineer | Soundcraft


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