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AP 2722

The 2700 Series offers both AES3 and IEC60958 serial digital interfaces, with fully configurable serial data and clock ports available via the auxiliary PSIA-2722 Programmable Serial Interface Adapter.

All digital input and output capabilities are functional over the full range of sample rates from 28 kHz to beyond 200 kHz and for several applications the range extends to 12kHz up to 260kHz.

The Digital Input/Output panel provides complete control and display of serial interface parameters including connector and format selection, sample rate, resolution, pulse amplitude, active data bits, error flags and received jitter amplitude. A Status Bits panel enables you to set and read interface metadata in both professional and consumer formats. Metadata is displayed in both hex and English interpretations.

Test the performance of AES3 or 60958 receivers with sub-standard signals by introducing impairments to the output serial interface signal. Impairments include variable sample rate, pulse amplitude and rise and fall times, the addition of noise, common-mode signals, controllable jitter and a long cable simulation.

Use the Digital Interface Analyzer tool to measure and display the interface signal or jitter waveform and spectrum, histograms for a number of interface measurements or to generate an eye pattern. Add jitter of various types and amplitudes to the generated bitstream and measure the effect on the receiver and the resulting audio signal.

Fig 1: The AP2700 digital I/O interface

Fig 2: The PSIA interface




What others are saying

“Without my AP2722, I would be designing in the dark. It saves me hours of guessing where problems lie when working on my new prototype boards.”
-- Tom Cumberland, Design Engineer| Axiom Audio


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