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Audio Cables

Audio Precision offers a variety of audio cables to facilitate interconnection of our analyzer systems to devices under test. These cables have been optimized for performance and convenience of use in the applications they are intended to serve. In some cases, general-purpose cables can actually degrade the accuracy and performance of high-quality measurement equipment by employing improper or inadequate shielding or grounding techniques. Sometimes, it may be inconvenient or difficult to find cables of the correct length or with the required connectors. We have chosen these custom-made cables to maintain the full performance of our measurement equipment, and have applied appropriate details such as color coding and adapters for maximum convenience.

APx Cable Kits

  • CAB-520 APx520 cable kit. Four (4) XLR cables, four (4) BNC cables, and ground strap
  • CAB-525 APx515/525 cable kit. Includes above items for CAB-520 cable kit, with two (2) additional AES/EBU digital XLR cables
  • CAB-585 APx585 cable kit. One (1) DB25M to DB25M balanced loopback cable, eleven (11) BNC to BNC 14" analog and digital coax loopback cables, two (2) AES/EBU cables, one (1) DB25M to 8-XLR male cable; one (1) DB25M to 8-XLR female cable, 18 BNC to RCA adapters, and ground strap
  • CAB-586 APx586 cable kit (includes above items for CAB-585 kit, with additional XLR to DB25 input cable for the second input module)
  • CAB-APSI One (1) USB cable
  • CAB-BNC One (1) BNC to BNC 14" analog and digital coax loopback cable
  • CAB-BNC9 Set of nine (9) BNC to BNC 14" analog and digital coax loopback cables
  • CAB-DB1 One (1) DB25M to DB25M balanced loopback cable (2 ft)
  • CAB-DB2 One (1) DB25M to DB25M balanced loopback cable (3 ft)
  • CAB-DB9 Set of two (2) DB9M to DB9M cable
  • CAB-DBXF One (1) DB25M to 8-XLR female cable
  • CAB-DBXM One (1) DB25M to 8-XLR male cable
  • CAB-DSIO Set provides one (1) DB15M to eight 2-pin breakout cable, and one (1) DB15M to eight BNC breakout cable for DSIO
  • CAB-BPSI-2P One (1) DB15M to eight 2-pin breakout cable for DSIO
  • CAB-BPSI-2P-LCAP One (1) low-capacitance DB15M to eight 2-pin breakout cable for DSIO
  • CAB-BPSI-BNC One (1) DB15M to eight BNC breakout cable for DSIO
  • CAB-GND One (1) Ground strap
  • CAB-HDMI Set of four (4) HDMI - HDMI cables
  • CAB-RCA Set of eighteen (18) BNC to RCA adapters
  • CAB-PDM Three (3) 2-pin square header socket connectors to three (3) BNC (3 ft)

2700 Series / System Two / ATS-2 Cable Kits

  • CAB-6BNC PSIA device interface cable, BNC to two-pin connector (set of 6)
  • CAB-AES AES/EBU cable, 1 m (set of 2)
  • CAB-AES2 AES/EBU cable, 2 m (set of 2)
  • CAB-AES4 AES/EBU cable, 4 m (set of 2)
  • CAB-D0 One (1) APIB interface cable extension, 0.5 meter (for all interface cards except PCMCIA)
  • CAB-D2 One (1) APIB interface cable extension, 2 meters (for all interface cards except PCMCIA)
  • CAB-D6 One (1) APIB interface cable extension, 6 meters (for all interface cards except PCMCIA)
  • CAB-DI0 Parallel digital interface cable to connect between SYS-2722 rear panel parallel digital I/O (miniature 50-pin ribbon connector) and user’s DUT fixture, 1.3 m (set of 2)
  • CAB-MINI One (1) Unbalanced test cable (3.5mm stereo jack to RCA/BNC)
  • CAB-PCM2 One (1) APIB Interface cable, 2 meters (for PCMCIA interface cards only)
  • CAB-XMF XLR male to XLR female cable kit (4 color-coded cables)
  • CAB-XBR XLR male/female to RCA/BNC cable (not recommended for analyzer input) (set of 4)

Detail on Cable Kits

Cables for analog interconnection:

CAB-XBR: Consists of four cables: two XLR male to RCA/phono male, and two XLR female to RCA/phono male. Four gold-plated adapters (supplied) convert the RCA connectors to BNC male, allowing this cable kit to handle virtually all unbalanced hook-ups. The four cables are each 8 feet (2.4 meters) long Mogami super-flexible shielded cable, and have a unique colored identification ring at each end. The cables are wired with pin 2 of the XLR connector as “+” or “high”, connected to center pin of the RCA connector; pin 3 as “-” or “low”, connected to the outer ring of the RCA connector; pin 1 is connected to the cable shield at the XLR end of the cable, which is unconnected at the RCA end. This agrees with the unbalanced wiring convention of Audio Precision instruments.

CAB-XMF: Includes four 8-foot (2.4-meter) XLR male to XLR female cables, each of which has a unique color identification band. The cables are made from Mogami super-flexible, four-conductor shielded cable. Wiring is “balanced-quad connection.”

CAD-RCA: Several Audio Precision instruments include BNC connectors for unbalanced connections to devices under test, as is the unbalanced switcher. If the device under test uses RCA/phono connectors and it is desired to use common RCA/phono-to-RCA/phono cables, these adapters will convert the instrument BNC connectors to RCA/phono. The set includes 14 adapters to allow complete conversion of an unbalanced switcher.

Cables for digital interconnection:

CAB-AES: These cables are manufactured using high-quality, correct-impedance shielded cable and high-quality, well shielded connectors that provide solid ground connections. While standard analog “microphone cables” may be able to mate with the 3-pin AES-EBU XLR connectors, they do not provide the correct impedance and usually have inadequate shielding for the fast-rise digital signals present in an AES-EBU data stream. Their incorrect characteristic impedance will degrade the signal integrity and make interface measurements inaccurate.Each of the cable sets (AES, AES2, AES4) consists of a pair of AES/EBU cables with XLR male connectors on one end and XLR female connectors on the other. The three sets differ only in length.

  • CAB-AES, 1 meter
  • CAB-AES2, 2 meters
  • CAB-AES4, 4 meters

CAB-DIO: This package contains a set of two (input and output) connecting cables, to interface a device under test fixture to the rear panel parallel digital connections on a 2700 Series, System Two or Cascade analyzer.

The shielding on the connectors and cable will preserve the integrity of the CE-conforming low EMI emissions from the instrument, The cables are 6 feet (2 meters) long, allowing convenient placement of the device under test in front of analyzers while the cables connect to the rear panel.


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