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Rackmount Kits


Rackmount kit for APx Series instruments.

RAK-APX sliding rackmount kit for APx Series instruments (except APx515).


Rackmount kit for the APx515.


Rackmount kit for 2700 series.Rackmount with slide for 2700 series. Click for larger image.

RAK-S2 rackmount kit for 2700 Series instruments. Includes both fixed brackets and parts to integrate with user-supplied chassis slides. Will also fit Audio Precision System Two and Cascade instruments.

Note: The slide-rack mounting kit is intended to be used with Chassis Track C-300-S Series non-pivoting solid bearing chassis sections from General Devices Inc, Indianapolis, IN. These chassis sections are available in several lengths to fit a wide variety of racks.


ATS-2 mounted in rack with 1.5-inch setback. Click to see flush mount.

ATS2-RAK kit allows you to mount the ATS-2 in a standard EIA rack. It occupies two rack units (2RU) (3.5" vertically). The kit consists of brackets that attach to the side of the ATS-2 to provide front and rear support. The rear brackets are adjustable to fit various rack depths. The kit also includes a small filler panel to extend the height of the ATS-2 to the nominal 3.5-inch rack height.

You can mount the ATS-2 flush to the rack rails, or set it back by 1.5" to minimize the protrusion of front cables. The extra space at the bottom of the mounting allows the cables to be dressed to the back of the rack under the ATS-2.


ATS-1 rack mounting options.

RAK-ATS enables the rack mounting of an ATS-1 instrument. Two methods are possible: fixed brackets, or slide-track mounting. The slide tracks themselves are not furnished, but the slide mount capability is compatible with the Chassis Trak Models C-300-S-114 (14-inch rack depth), C-300-S-116 (16-inch rack depth), and C-300-S-118 (18-inch rack depth) rackmounts available from General Devices, Inc.

Step by step instructions for the ATS-1 Rackmount Slide Kit are in Appendix B of the ATS-1 User’s Manual.

Note: Conversion from bench-top to rackmount configuration does not require the removal of the covers. Also note that the top and bottom covers may be removed from a slide-rackmounted ATS-1 without removing the unit from the rack or from the slides.


Rackmount shelf for the Portable One.

RAK-P1 provides a rackmounted shelf for your Portable One instrument.


Rackmount for DCX-127.

RAK-12 rackmount brackets for DCX-127. Will also mount GAT-1, SIA-322 and SWR-122.


Rackmount RAK-212.

RAK-212 rackmount brackets for SWR-2755, SWR-2122, PSIA-2722, AUX-0025, and DCX-127. RAK-212 brackets allow mounting the switcher flush with the front of the rack, or set back to keep connectors inside the rack.


Rackmount kit for the AUX-0100.


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