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Best in class speed, performance and ease-of-use, APx is the next generation of audio analyzer. It is high speed, high performance, and user friendly. Innovations include one-click measurements, new views for handling encoded audio formats, test automation without coding and custom reports using MS Word.

APx is the only audio analyzer with HDMI connectivity for Blu-ray and Dolby / DTS compliance testing, and the only analyzer capable of 1.2M point FFTs at 24-bit resolution. No other audio analyzer is faster or easier to use.

All APx models use the same software and all project settings are saved in a single file, making it easy to share tests, audio acquisitions and formatted reports between R&D, customers and production facilities across the world.


APx555 Audio Analyzer

APx52x Series Audio Analyzers

APx58x Series Audio Analyzers

APx515 Audio Analyzer

What others are saying

“Many of the measurements and facilities provided new insights into the products I tested, and the time saving in setting up the measurements and running them is considerable.”
-- Graham Langley | Audio Media

Audio Media Magazine

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