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APx500 Audio Test Software

APx500 Software Bench and Sequence Modes

A versatile, powerful audio test experience

With its redesigned software platform, the powerful APx Audio Analyzer Series provides never-before-seen flexibility and usability. This bold new interface offers users two easy-to-use modes. Choose between Bench Mode (above left) for real-time visibility into device behavior across a variety of parameters, and Sequence Mode (right image above) for fast production testing and automated measurements.

What's New?

  • Bold new interface, available to the entire APx Series
  • Bench Mode for 2700-style flexibility and real-time interaction
  • Enables 16-channel ASIO support for the APx515 (requires either option SW-ASIO or SWB-2)
  • Allows use of the DCX-127 Multifunction Module with APx analyzers
  • Jitter generation and measurement plus sync, trigger and DARS reference features (requires Advanced Master Clock (AMC) module)
  • Introduces new measurements to Sequence Mode, including Level Ratio, Jitter Frequency Sweep, and Jitter Level Sweep (latter two require AMC module)

Bench Mode & Sequence Mode
Prior to v4.0, the APx operating paradigm involved adding defined measurements to a navigation tree, and the ability to run this series of measurements in an automated procedure called a Sequence. This paradigm continues in APx500 v4.0 and is called Sequence Mode.

Additionally, a new operating paradigm has been developed, called Bench Mode. Rather than pre-defined measurements, this new mode provides a configurable generator and analyzer, a broad family of meters, a comprehensive sweep engine, a time recorder and implementations of the APx Signal Analyzer, Continuous Sweep and Acoustic Response measurements, all to deliver greater flexibility to the user. System 2 and 2700 Series users will feel right at home in Bench Mode.

Sharing projects
All settings for a test are saved in a single project file, making it easy to replicate test setups between R&D and production facilities anywhere in the world. Project files are compatible with all APx instruments and each project is self-contained, so there’s never any worry about dependencies or broken links. Users can even embed waveform files and images within a project file.

Reporting results
For customers, contract manufacturers or management, APx automatically generates rich graphic reports, with highlighted pass / fail limits and options to export as PDF, HTML, Excel or text.


What others are saying

“Bench Mode offer[s] more visibility into real-time behaviors. Being able to see everything at once is a huge deal - distortion, noise, signal level on meters is incredibly important. [And] it's good for quick iterations and troubleshooting.”
-- Eric Cline | Analog Devices

NOTE - Microsoft Windows XP

Beginning with v4.0, APx500 Software uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 which does not support Microsoft Windows XP.

More detailed information is available on our AP Software and Windows Compatibility chart





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