AP - The Recognized Standard In Audio Test


Audio Precision provides online tutorials for the 2700 Series that are easy to follow and prepared by our applications engineering team. All the online trainings are free, however, you must be registered to view the lessons.

Note: At this time, these tutorials require IE 5.5 or greater running on Windows. They will not run in Firefox or on a Mac. We are working on more modern tutorials.

AP2700 Online courses

Quickstart for AP2700 Control Software

This course is intended for new users to quickly become familiar with the basic concepts and features in the AP2700 control software.

  • 18 minutes

AP Basic Scripting

This course provides step-by-step instruction on how to create a Macro/Script that automates data collection using Multitone testing then creates and prints a report utilizing MS Word

  • 30 minutes
  • Pre-requisite: AP2700 QuickStart

Sample files

Quickstart for Programmable Serial Interface Adapter (PSIA)

This course provides a general overview of the Programmable Serial Interface Adapter used in interfacing board level serial digital audio streams.

  • 10 minutes

Audio Connections Tutorial

This course provides in depth training where you'll learn the basics of audio connection circuits, connectors and grounding for audio test and measurement using Audio Precision instruments. We'll cover the two analog connection circuit types, many audio connectors, and grounding; as well as identifying and correcting poor connection conditions, which are the most common source of audio testing problems.

  • 20 minutes

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